Hello World!

Wow, my very first blog post.  Ever!  How exciting 🙂

First, a little about myself.

I’m currently a resident of Montana, but that’s recent.  I was born in New Mexico, and have lived in California, Illinois, Utah, West Virginia, Michigan and Mississippi.  You could say I’m a Resident of the Country.

Primarily I’m an artist, although I graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Elementary Education.  My first love, though, is art, mostly painting.  As my kids were growing up (now both grown and out of the house) I did a lot with watercolors, and a bit with pastel.  We also had fun crafting things that could have been in magazines.  Recently, though, I’ve taken my creativity into a new realm:  Books.  I’ve just had my first book accepted for publication!

After seeing how much young kids really enjoyed learning (I taught kindergarten in Mississippi) I decided that a book about how cool it is to be smart would encourage older kids to keep loving learning.  The book centers around a group of kids who are top of their class.  They’ve got a problem, though.  They’re being bullied by the jocks.  They find out that there is strength in numbers and being smart doesn’t have to mean being unpopular.

Come follow my journey through the adventure of publishing, and make friends with my characters: Aaron, Ryan and Trevor as they Beat the class bully while conducting killer science fair projects and develop a Secret Language Club.


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