Prevent January Doldrums-Bake these EASY Snowmen Cookies

Snowmen are not just for Christmas, let the gang down gently by baking these fancy cookies that are ready to decorate in just 35 minutes.

Time Table

Mix dough using Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix-15 minutes.

Shape first 10 cookies – 10 minutes

Bake first batch/shape second 10 cookies-10 minutes.

Bake second batch/mix frosting-10 minutes

Now you have time and energy left to decorate the cookies.

What you will need

Cookie Dough – bowl, cookie mix, 1/3 stick butter, 1 Tablespoon flour, 1 egg

Quick and Yummy Frosting, 1 cup whipping cream, powdered sugar, salt

(cream cheese frosting or butter cream frosting are good too but take a bit longer. My favorite frosting is made with Clotted Cream instead of butter and is as quick as the cream and sugar.  I make my own clotted cream since my daughter who lives in England has gotten me addicted to it.  It is expensive to buy here but I developed my own easy recipe for making it.  Click HERE for the Clotted Cream Blog.

Cookie sheets, spoons, butter knives, spatula,( and the items I forgot to put in the picture),thin pretzel sticks, white sprinkles, red pull apart licorice, mini M+M’s or mini chocolate chips.  I got my Mini M+M’s from the stocking stuffer treat area at Walmart.  Albertson’s told me I could buy a pound of them from their bakery.

Mix up the dough using the recipe for rolled cookies ( I used the drop cookie recipe plus 1 T flour but the cookies spread too much)

Take one full teaspoon of dough for the bottom ball of the snowman.  I make all 10 at the same time so they are close to the same size.  This helps them bake evenly.

Gently press out dough ball into flat circle.  The cookie will have a more defined snowman shape if each circle is slightly wider than it is tall.

Take one full teaspoon of dough, roll it and pull it into the middle and top balls.

Gently press out dough balls so that they overlap just a bit.  Bake 7-10 minutes at 350

When the last batch of cookies are baking, mix powdered sugar and a pinch of salt into 1 cup of heavy cream.  I never measure the sugar, I just keep adding a spoonful till the frosting is how I like it.

Allow second batch of cookies to cool while frosting the first 10 cookies.

Frost cookies and decorate.  I pull the licorice apart in double strands for the scarves.  I also give each snowman blue, green or brown eyes.  I make sure have enough orange ones for noses.  Use the rest of the colors as wanted.  I break 1/4 of the end off of each pretzel stick for the arms,  1/2 seems too short, a whole one seems too long.

Have fun!


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