Making Clotted Cream

They say you must have homogenized cream to make Clotted Cream.    I however am not a good listener.  🙂  So I went right ahead and proved them wrong.

All you will need is:  1 large bowl, put ice in this

1 medium bowl with straight sides

a fan

Heavy Whipping Cream

Put ice in the large bowl, pour a pint of cream into the bowl with straight sides, notice the one in my picture is a casserole dish. It’s sides are straight, though not at a 90 degree angle.  The sides on this one are straight up enough to work well.  Don’t use a round bottom bowl as the cream will harden at the edge as it thickens and the level in the bowl drops.

Put the bowl of cream inside the bowl of ice.  The ice keeps the cream cool while it clots.

Put both bowls in front of a fan.  I tilt my fan down slightly to improve the air movement across the cream.

To make clotted cream you want to reduce the amount of water in the cream.  With homogenized cream you simply let the heavier cream rise to the top (I think).  This process causes the water in the cream to evaporate giving you heavier or clotted cream as a result.  Heating the cream to reduce it does not produce a satisfactory product.

Fan the cream for several hours, checking on it’s progress every 30 minutes or so.  Stir the cream or draw the clotted skin to the back of the bowl.  When most of the cream has thickened stir well.  Some lumps will remain.  This is the only difference between this clotted cream and commercial clotted cream.  The taste is the same.  This recipe costs about $1.50; I buy the qt. size which is almost the same price as a pint.

Serve with scones, or muffins, or any sweet bread or use to make frosting.

Frosting made from Clotted cream is my favorite frosting.  It is made by mixing powdered sugar into the clotted cream and adding a pinch of salt or a bit of vanilla, lemon, or peppermint flavoring.



Populating a Gingerbread Castle

My family, especially my daughter, and I have been making a Gingerbread Castle.  My daughter is very good with gingerbread and LOOOOVES to do a house or castle etc. at Christmas time.  While she was baking the gingerbread for two days, I began to make people.   After the people were molded and baked, I began to paint them. ( My children say, “Don’t sit still too long at our house,you might get painted.” 😀 )  The paint of course is thin, royal frosting, made of egg whites and powdered sugar.  Then colored, pink, red, green, yellow, turquoise and white.  The princesses gown, hat, and veil from hat are all glittered.  Princesses are allowed to over dress.  You can find the silver balls on line or get them from a local bakery.In our house normal is never good enough.  We have to over do it.  So we have a gigantic castle which took acres of gingerbread,12 batches, and my storybook people to live in it, a king, a princess, a jester and two knights.  With so much effort, not to mention, flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, in this project, I called the Hospital and asked if we could bring the castle to the Children’s ward.  They were delighted.  So we had to transfer the castle on its cardboard base to plywood so we could carry it to the hospital.

If we let the kids eat the castle others could not enjoy seeing it as they arrived at the hospital.  So I made Christmas tree and snowmen cookies.  I liked the snowmen best.  I liked them so much I made some snowmen guards around the sides of the castle which strengthened the walls for its journey.To see the castle in construction, instructions on making your own, including full downloadable plans, and to see the finished castle, click here.  Be sure to come back tomorrow when I’ll post a tutorial on how to make the cute snowmen cookies!  They’re so easy you don’t even need a cookie cutter.