anti bullying book release

Finding ways to fight bullying can be hard.  My children went through bullying clear through High School.  I have written a children’s realistic fiction book, Revenge of the Dorkoids: The Secret Club Begins (Windy City Publishers) that can help.

Most anti-bullying books are written in a self help/text book format aimed at adults.  But kids are the ones that have to deal with school bullying the most.  Revenge of the Dorkoids is an adventure story that revolves around 3 boys being bullied in the 6 grade.  Kids will love reading how these boys turn the tables on the bullies.  A set of discussion questions in the back of the book will help you and your child explore research proven anti-bullying techniques that help reduce school bullying.

An additional bonus is that this book makes vocabulary development irresistible as the characters use vocabulary  as  their weapon against the bullies.  Follow their further adventures as these kids develop their vocabulary and turn it into a secret language.  Available soon through  Read more at Windy City Publishers.